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An Ultra-Rare Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Ref.145.012-67

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Some Cheap Omega Replica watches capture a collector’s imagination more than others. That’s combined with fascinating mythology, a stunning and unique look, and just the right amount of rarity – meaning it’s produced in enough numbers that you can find one if you look closely, but at the same time it’s no mean feat. One of these watches is the 145.012-67 “special model with orange chronograph hands”, known as the “Ultraman”.

To be precise, the “Ultraman” is the Omega Speedmaster Replica model, one of three models that went into space and the last Speedy to be equipped with the divine caliber 321. But what sets this Speedmaster apart is an unusually long orange chronograph hand and a distinctive black satin dial found only in references.

The watch earned its evocative nickname for its appearance in the 1970s Japanese TV series Ultraman Returns. Over the past few years, there have been some changes in the number of Ultraman watches made. All we know is that they are all Omega Clone watches made in June 1968 and delivered to different parts of the world. “While Ultraman watches are extremely rare, they have been showing up at auctions or secondary dealers with increasing frequency over the past few years.

It’s worth noting that the Ultraman’s dial is completely different from the matte finish of other High Quality Omega Replica Watches. It has a satin or silky finish that is subtle but unique. From a rarity standpoint, the few hundred watches in existence mean they are rarer than the “Paul Newman” Daytona. And from a mythological standpoint, what name would be cooler than Ultraman.

Finally, it’s a Swiss Omega Speedmaster Replica Watch worn on the wrist. The simple addition of giant totem orange hands makes for a completely unique and incredibly eye-catching look unlike any other Speedmaster. There’s probably no better experience than pressing the start button on a watch, feeling the column wheel of the calibre 321 engage the chronograph stem, and then seeing the mighty orange hands begin their domineering march around the dial.

Note that while there are other vintage Top Grade Omega Replica models with orange chronograph seconds, their hands are not as long as the Ultraman’s and therefore cannot be retrofitted to an Ultraman or Frakenwatch. This is a classic Omega Speedmaster watch.

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