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That’s right. Omega broke the Internet for the second time with Speedy Tuesday, which has become one of the most coveted, competitive and enlightening limited-edition watches of the past decade: the fake Omega Speedmaster Ultraman.

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The watch also shows that unlike many watch brands that are completely out of touch or don’t even know their own brand history and equity stakes, Omega knows the core of its brand history and is the master of activating its past to make us crazy. Omega replica watches always pays attention to the pulse of contemporary consumers. When it put ultraman on us on July 10 of this year, it drove thousands or even millions of pulses close to a heart attack and speeding.

Inspired by the unspeakable coolness of superba ST 145.012-67, its number of movements ranges from 26.076.8xx to 26.079.7xx, with an unusually long (18.80mm, accurate) orange chronograph second hand. New cool now is old watch has never been formally known as “ultraman”, but because it appeared in 1971 in the TV show “altman return” of collector and was given the nickname – this means that in order to their new watch to formally linked with ultraman, they have to contact the show’s creator, and persuade them with the very cool new wrist partner.

All this, they promise, is for the performance of a wristwatch inspired by another legend, Speedmaster, which is the first proof that swiss fake Omega watches will go to great lengths to create something exciting. Second, they know exactly what type of watch collector will lose their thrilling synapses, as all 2018 watches proved when they sold out in two hours. Thanks to Omega for being the first watch brand to truly understand the power of social media, and for actively working with the collector community — specifically Fratello Watches founder Robert Broer, Speedy Tuesday, who consults on watch design.

If that’s not enough, luxury copy Omega watches should also be praised for the First Wrist watch brand to use its own retro movement in a retro modern timepiece, a nod to the original Wrist timepiece, and a limited edition version of First Omega Pyle -Chronograph. For all of these reasons, Omega is our brand of the year for 2018.