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If a series of iconic to reflect the pioneer spirit of Omega, super series is absolutely deserved. Super series was born in 1957, in addition to the high level of professional timing, the astronauts with the implementation of several space exploration mission, and witness the human 6 times on the moon experience, enough to make …

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Cheap Omega Replica Watches In the mid-1980s, ceramics, as a new material, began to be applied to the wristwatch technology, and the pilot in this new material innovation and development was the swatch group. Ceramic material is hard, its hardness is six times that of fine steel, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, …

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Cheap Omega Replica Watches In Omega’s many glorious historical moments, 1957 has a special significance, in that year, Omega also released three professional timepieces: Omega Hippocampus 300 watch, Omega Teva watch and Omega Super watch. 60 years later, Omega launched three classic watch limited edition suits, to the 1957 three classic legendary watch tribute, the …

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Buy Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches The day-to-day error is between +0 and +5 seconds, and even if exposed to the 15,000 Gaussian magnetic field, it is possible to maintain a high accuracy of normal operation, which is the ultra-practical experience brought by the Omega to the Observatory. From the first of the Omega to the …

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Buy Omega Replica Watches Originally thought that this year’s BASELWORLD, is a more peaceful year, to a stable and simple atmosphere over 2016 difficult industrial environment, although occasional small wind and waves, but the trend is toward the pragmatic look closer to the table. Yes, at the beginning of the watch show, watch the Swiss …