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Omega Seamaster replica Aqua Terra watch series will dazzle design with 21st century watchmaking innovation in a perfect blend. In 1999, the advent of Omega coaxial escapement escapement device opens a new era of modern watch making technology. Today, the new Aqua Terra hippocampus major innovations continue inherited this mechanical watchmaking.

The entire series has a very eye-catching design elements, namely, “Teak Concept” dial. Distributed over the dial vertical texture, reminiscent of the wooden decks on luxury yachts. Aqua Terra watches and other like this series also has close links with the ocean theme, filled with sea air. Whether linger in the yacht deck, or walk on the vast land, wearing Omega Seamaster replica Aqua Terra watches are truly satisfied. Thus, this watch series name “Aqua Terra” (meaning water and land) can be described as deserved.

Dial distinctive design of the place lies crafted “Teak Concept” vertical texture. 18K gold material pointer and hour markers also showed a new look: after grinding smooth handling, and covered with new white luminous coating, showed a clear blue in the dark. Patent case and Omega replica “chain pin system” bracelets to choose from a variety of metal materials, presenting the appearance of Thatcher beauty.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Omega replica watches ladies watch is the first series with one watch “Si 14” silicon hairspring balance wheel system. Many elements of this system can be described as significant, they represent the future direction of Omega replica watches watchmaking innovation. Name “Si 14” silicon hairspring balance wheel from the chemical symbol and atomic number of silicon. Silicon non-magnetic material, “Si 14” silicon hairspring balance wheel of the operation will not be affected and therefore the magnetic substance. The physical properties of silicon material makes the device a watch “Si 14” silicon hairspring balance wheel device than the traditional material hairspring balance wheel of the watch more accurate travel time. Daily life by the small vibrations can cause mechanical deviation of the table to go, but the “Si 14” silicon hairspring balance wheel vibration is generated so that the impact is minimal. “14 Si” silicon hairspring balance wheel structure has a strong degree of freedom, which makes it able to adjust its geometry to ensure that the best, etc., but also makes the pendulum swing of the intermittent no less. This isochronous effectively reduce the deviation of travel time watch. Balance beam balance wheel system and the case back is engraved with “Si 14” markings, highlights the content of mechanical excellence, the luxury quality and precise performance.

The new Omega hippocampal Aqua Terra watch observatory is equipped with ultra-performance movement with coaxial escapement system, the many advantages of the coaxial escapement and free sprung balance wheel and into one, and in the same order form and design refreshing, and watch the movement of the top internal precision beat each other. The right way for the Omega replica watches series top watchmaking determined under the new standard, and lead the Omega into a new era.
After the early Seamaster watch astronauts and navigator in the most difficult environment of stringent tests. Omega Seamaster replica watch Aqua Terra hippocampus new watch collection not only inherited the classic characteristics of early watches, and the use of innovative technology and superior design technology, making this series a full glory temperament. Omega Seamaster replica watch whenever and wherever you guarantee precise performance. Adventure soon? Aqua Terra series will be your perfect choice.

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