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When the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Replica Watches, Speedmaster fans went wild. As you can already guess, astronauts use Omega Speedmaster Professional timekeeping. You can argue if in fact any other watch can also time those 14 seconds. But keep in mind that the Speedmaster is the only watch that has survived all of NASA’s testing procedures. Other watches may not have traveled that far during the Apollo 13 mission.

Omega has also decided to go all out when it comes to design. There is a small patch on the subdial at 9 o’clock, and a special caseback. The Omega Replica Watch case back shows a silver Snoopy figure with silver dust as “stars” on a dark blue enamel background. On the dial side, there are Snoopy figures and “What can you do in 14 seconds?” at 9 o’clock.

In addition to the beautiful silver-blue dial, there is an automatic mechanism on the back of the case. If you start the chronograph, you’ll see Snoopy orbiting the moon in his spaceship. The Earth’s disk is constantly moving as it is connected to the small seconds hand.

The High Quality Omega Replica chronograph hands are attached to an automatic mechanism on the back of the case, and an invisible hand holds the white spaceship. To make it work, Omega uses lightweight aluminum hands on the chronograph. Otherwise, the extra “weight” will make the automaton not work properly.

Anyway, the first thing you notice about the latest Speedmaster Snoopy is that the strap is pretty stiff. I love the design of the blue nylon strap, which looks like the black strap with white stitching that Omega Best Replica Watches has been using for the Speedmaster Snoopy from 2015.

There is also incredible detail on the inside of the strap, showing the trajectory of the Apollo 13 mission. Luckily for me, this new blue is a buckle instead of a folding one. I generally dislike folding clasps as I find they are usually a little too thick.

A matte blue alligator strap would be nice, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. I’ve noticed that other people like to wear this watch on a bracelet. With the new generation of High Quality Replica Watch bracelets, I think this might indeed be the best option.

On Apollo 13, the use of orange and red in the mission patch worked really well. These 1990s Speedmaster watches also used tritium, which, as you probably know, can sometimes turn yellow. It creates this retro vibe that I love so much.

The Omega Replica Watches Online white dial is a nice variation on the typical black dial Speedmaster Moonwatch model, and many think the graphics on all Snoopy-related dials have a downside, but I beg to differ. In close-ups, they can indeed be a bit much.

On the wrist, however, to the naked eye, they’re not bad at all. You only notice them when you hold the watch close to you. The 1:1 Replica Watches black and white theme complements the famous beagle, and when the Super-LumiNova is properly charged, you’ll have something special when it’s dark. The Snoopy cartoon at 9 o’clock glows for a while.

However, you have to understand that it is still very niche and Omega also has to satisfy the demand for more basic models, whether it is the Seamaster 300 Ms and Speedmaster Professional Replica watches, or the Constellations and De Ville Prestige models.

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