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Omega has just launched 18 new limited-edition collections, including the “First Omega Wrist-Chronographph” reference 516. Unlike the new Omega replica watches, which has a “retro” aesthetic, First Omega core-chronograph combines old and new components, including the very attractive restored Omega 3018 movement (the name of these newly restored movements), originally in 1913. These movements are also known as the 18 “‘CHRO caliber, and each of the 18 pieces looks slightly different due to their age and condition.

For the First time at Omega’s own Swiss museum of the bier event, the launch of First Omega core-chronograph shows the painstaking efforts that Omega has made to revitalize each movement under the inspiration of the First watch Chronograph. The 105-year-old movement requires replacement parts and lots of repair and cleaning – and, of course, decoration. Omega noted that it believes “” every movement is unique” “, a function of the refurbishment process. Omega actually refurbished the movements of their respected Omega Atelier Tourbillon division. This is a special area for AAA Omega Replica, and some master watchmakers will be trained to make Omega’s tourbillon timepieces. As far as I know, the same team is responsible for the 18 ‘CHRO recovery project.

The 18-inch CHRO is a manual up-chain design with a 15-minute single-button chronograph watch (the putter is at 6 o ‘clock in the case). I believe the operating frequency of the movement is 2.5hz and the power reserve is about 40 hours. In most respects, these retrofitted forms of sport are more attractive and probably look better than they did more than 100 years ago. Initially such watches are likely to have been used by pilots, which makes sense given their pilot design. A similar dial appeared on military pilot cheap Omega replica watches popular during the first world war.

Each of the First Omega collar-chronograph wristwatches uses a special Grand-feu enamel dial, inspired by the prototype fake Omega replica watches of the early 20th century. The blue steel pointer on the retro sporty dial gives this piece a very charming look. The 18k Sedna (rose gold) case is used in the crown and timing table putter. I found the “three sides” 20-millimeter wide brown leather strap to be a delightful design. Although the casing is large, the relatively minimal historical style of the ear makes the watch very wearable. Note the hunter bottom cover, which opens to reveal the inner core of the movement that protects the sapphire crystal. Typically, Omega overuses presentation and packaging. Use vintage Omega brands, as well as leather display boxes with tools and extra straps. Omega certainly knows how to present its limited edition models in a cute and compelling way.